First Fundamental Point: About the immortality of man’s spirit.


Man’s spirit is definitely immortal. Almost all the indications in the First Aim which point to the existence of the angels and spirit beings also point to the immortality of man’s spirit, which is our topic here. In my opinion, the matter is so certain that further explanation would be profitless. Indeed, the distance between us and the caravans of innumerable immortal spirits who are waiting to go to the hereafter in the Intermediate and Spirit Worlds is so fine and slight that there is no need to demonstrate it with proofs. Numberless saints and people of illumination getting in touch with them, and those who discern the secrets of the grave seeing them, and even a number of ordinary people communicating with them, and the mass of people forming relations with them in true dreams, have formed a mass of unanimous reports, and quite simply become part of the commonly accepted knowledge of mankind. However, because materialist thought has stupified everyone in this age, it has been able to implant doubts in their minds concerning even the most evident matters. In order to remove these doubts, therefore, we shall set forth an Introduction and four Sources from the numerous sources springing from the heart’s intuition and the intellect’s insight.

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Introduction: The proofs about the issues that the human spirit was created for immortality and that the spirits of the dead are not annihilated but preserved.

First Source: The independence of the spirit from the body.

Second Source: The proofs regarding the existence and immortality of the spirit from the external world.

Third Source: The existence and immortality of the spirit as a law and truth.

Fourth Source: The constancy of laws despite the constant change in living beings; the immortality of the spirit as a law which is stronger than natural laws.

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