Introduction: First Point: Belief in the hereafter is the foundation of the happiness of the community life and individual life.


[This consists of two Points comprising a concise explanation of one comprehensive result of the numerous spiritual benefits of belief in resurrection and of its vital consequences; a demonstration of how essential it is for human life and especially for the life of society; a summary of one universal proof out of numerous proofs of the tenet of belief in the resurrection; and a statement of how indubitable and self-evident is that tenet of belief.]


We shall indicate, as a measure, only four out of hundreds of proofs that belief in the hereafter is fundamental to the life of society and to man’s personal life, and is the basis of his happiness, prosperity, and achievement.

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 The First: The benefit of belief in the hereafter for children, who form half of mankind.

 Second Proof: It explains the worldly benefits of belief in hereafter for the elders.

 Third proof: It explains the benefits of belief in the hereafter for the youth.

 Fourth Proof: It explains the benefits of belief in the hereafter for the family life.

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