Cleaning from Spiritual Dirt (Hadath): WUDU

What is wudu?

It is a special kind of cleaning carried out by water; it includes washing the face, arms and the feet, and to anoint the head.

Wudu has many material and spiritual benefits. Cleanliness becomes a habit for a Muslim who makes wudu at least five times a day, which protects him from diseases and purifies him from microbes. It is the material benefit of wudu. It also has many spiritual benefits.

Our Prophet said to Anas, “My son! Make a complete wudu so that the Honorable Recorders (Kiraman Katibin) will like you and your life will be longer.

Besides, wudu enlightens the face and delights the heart. It is a means of forgiveness for the minor sins. The Messenger of Allah said the following regarding the issue:

“All of the previous minor sins of a person who makes wudu as he is ordered, and who performs prayers as he is ordered will be forgiven.”

Wudu is the spiritual weapon of the believer. Everybody protects themselves from bad feelings and desires through it. It makes a person free from the effects of the delusions and bad thoughts that attack his mind. He should be careful to have wudu all the time.

People who have wudu usually become free from the evil of the bad and evil beings thanks to their wudu; and they are kept far away from their evil.

It is stated in a hadith that it is possible for a person who dies when he has wudu to reach the rank of martyrs.

It is stated in hadiths that Muslims’ wudu organs will be very beautiful, bright and white, their faces will be luminous. It is something that was not given to other ummahs.

Wudu was made fard by the 6th verse of the chapter al-Maida: “When ye prepare for prayer, wash your faces and your hands (and arms) to the elbows; rub your heads (with water); and (wash) your feet to the ankles.”

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