What is the “purpose” of wudu: ablution?

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What is the “purpose” of wudu: ablution?
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It is a special cleaning done with water by washing the face, arms and feet, and by wiping the head.

Wudu has many material and spiritual benefits. A person who makes wudu at least 5 times a day has the habit of cleaning, which protects him from diseases and purifies him from microbes. That is the material benefit of wudu. There are many spiritual benefits of wudu.

Our Prophet said to Anas bin Malik, "My dear son! Perform wudu fully so that the hafaza (guarding) angels will love you and your life will be lengthened.

Wudu gives the face light and gives the heart joy. It causes minor sins to be forgiven. The Prophet (pbuh) said the following regarding the issue:

"A person who makes wudu as he is ordered and performs prayers as he is ordered, all of his previous minor sins are forgiven."

Wudu is the spiritual weapon of the believer. He protects himself from evil feelings and desires with it. He gets rid of the delusions and negative thoughts that swarm his mind. However, he should always be in wudu.

People in wudu get rid of the evil of the malign and evil beings thanks to their wudu and keep away from their harms.

It is stated in a hadith that a person who dies while he is in wudu can reach the level of martyrdom.

It is also stated by hadiths that the organs of the Muslims that are washed during wudu will be very bright, like the full moon, and white, and that their faces will be luminous. It is something that was not given to other ummahs.

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