Can prayers performed with wudu (ablution) which is made with polished nails?

As it is known, in order for wudu (ablution) to be valid, the water must penetrate the outer surface of wudu organs, that is, the skin and nail. Anything that prevents this penetration is also an obstacle for the wudu. The thing which remains in the organ after applying henna is only the color, there is no a bulky material that prevents the penetration of the water. Nail polish covers the nail like a fish scale and prevents the water from penetrating it. So it is also an obstacle for the wudu. (Mehmed Zihni Efendi, Nimet-i Islam 45) Thus, it is clearly stated in fiqh (Islamic jurisprudence) books that the fish scale is an obstacle for wudu. (Wahba az-Zuhayli, al-Fiqh al Islami I/239)

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