Will you give information about doubting whether any dry place is left in ghusl?

The Answer

Dear Brother / Sister,

It is a delusion. Satan causes delusions to alienate you from worshipping and to make ghusl unbearable for you. Do not care Satan’s delusions. One cannot act based on doubts. There is no need to think about whether and dry place is left after pouring water on your body.

If any place is left dry without your knowledge, your ghusl and wudu are valid because you do not know. Therefore, do not trouble yourself unnecessarily.

If you trouble yourself, it will make Satan happy. Besides, it is the aim of Satan. Do not allow Satan to attain his aim. When you pour water on your body for five minutes, all parts of your body are regarded to have been wetted.

Besides, dirt under the nail and on the body do not prevent ghusl and wudu.

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