Will you give information about Bermuda Devil’s Triangle?

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Will you give information about Bermuda Devil’s Triangle?
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The region in the form of a triangle located in the Atlantic Ocean separating South and North America and surrounded by the coast of Bermuda, Porto Rico and Miami, and where many ships and planes are claimed to have been lost without leaving any debris is called Bermuda Devil’s Triangle. Many books like “Bermuda Triangle”, “Atlantic Mystery” regarding the issue were translated into Turkish. When these books were published, a researcher in Konya wrote, in some books written by Ottoman writers a few centuries ago, that there were some passages stating that some mysterious incidents took place in Bermuda Triangle; the newspapers wrote about it then. We started to be informed about the rumors of the mysteries of Bermuda Triangle recently but an Ottoman writer made various interpretations regarding the issue a few centuries ago. In fact, in the notes of travels of Mayans and Mexicans, mysterious incidents regarding the region were often mentioned: "When we arrive at this mossy sea, bad luck and ill omen  become sovereign. Ships get stuck there for days. Winds stop and sailboats do not move." However, it became more actual nowadays.

The first incident that made Bermuda Devil’s Triangle famous took place in 1945. After five war planes took off from their base in Florida for a routine flight, the leader of the pilots sent the following message through the wireless to the control tower: "We cannot see the land. We are not sure of our position. We do not know where we are. We are probably lost." Meanwhile, the control tower sent the following message to the pilot: "How come? The weather seems quite fine. Go to the West." Thereupon, the pilot said, "We do not know even where the west is. Everything is wrong. It is very strange but we are not sure about any direction.  Even the ocean is not as it should be."  Then, the connection was lost. The alarm was sounded urgently but no traces of the planes were found after that.

What was said about Bermuda Devil’s Triangle

It is also mentioned that similar mysterious things happened in the ships that passed through the region; when some freighters and transatlantic ships were examined, it was seen that there were dead bodies of cats and dogs only; it looked as if people jumped into the sea without finishing their food on the plates or a storm took people away without touching the plates and spoons. Various ideas were put forward to explain the issue. We will list those ideas in items:

1. It is completely related togeophysics. The current that comes from the north and the south causes stillness there and this stillness causes the formation of dense mosses. Due to the density of the mosses, ships cannot move there. Besides, very high and violent waves of a hundred, two hundred and even three hundred meters form there. These gigantic waves attract the planes that pass over them through the vacuum that they cause. Therefore, it is normal for the ships to be overturned in such an atmosphere.    

2. Enormous whirlpools caused by intense currents formed holes that are called “blue holes” under the sea. When planes and ship arrive there, they are swallowed by the blue holes. As a matter of fact, some divers saw some sails and boats in those blue holes.   

3. The eightieth meridian passes from there; when it curves from the North Pole and passes through Japan it is called the one hundred and fiftieth meridian. Therefore, such a sea of death is also present in Japan. It is understood that seas of death are present everywhere from which that meridian passes. The issue is generalized some more and it is stated that the same things are present in the thirtieth and fortieth meridians; it is also stated that there are six more places in the world where such mysterious losses and disappearances take place.    

4. Flying saucers take ships and planes to the sky or sink them to the bottom of the sea.   

5. Methane that comes out of the fossils that accumulate at the bottom of the sea and from various waste materials affects the chemical mixture of the seawater and decreases its density. The ship that loses its ability to float on the water whose density drops to zero sinks as soon as it enters the region called methane well that the gas attracts. The intensity of methane gas bubbles change based on the type of the waste materials that accumulate at the bottom of the sea and the temperature of the water. The planes that pass over the places like Bermuda Devil’s Triangle, where gas currents are very strong are in the boundaries of danger. The methane gas bubbles that reach the water surface enter into the atmosphere and form an intense methane tunnel upward; the plane that enters the methane tunnel loses its control and crashes into the sea.   

"The throne of Satan is on the sea."

I want to mention another issue especially apart from the ones mentioned above. The Prophet said, "The throne of Satan is on the sea." When “sea” is mentioned as a definite word, a certain sea might be understood, and we can call some seas as the throne of Satan. Therefore, jinn and devils are sovereign there; they deactivate electronic devices of ships and planes and make them sink. Since jinn and devils were created out of "maarij" (stairways; steps of ascension) and "nar"(fire), they can upset all electronic devices as if they were exposed to waves coming from the sun.   

The Prophet also gives the following warning:"Do not go to the places where the previous communities were destroyed. If you go there, go by crying." (*); it means when you go to the destroyed countries, "Establish connections with Allah and enter under His protection so that what hit them will not hit you."  It can be understood from this that God Almighty  made the people that disbelieved Him and rebelled Him sink under the ground like the people of Sodom Gomorra, Ad and Thamud – and if it is true – the civilization of Atlantis; then, those places became the dwelling place of Satan. As a matter of fact, Ibn Ishaq, the author of Maghazi, mentions the issue of taking something up to the sky and flying as follows: While going to Tabuk, the Prophet said:

"When you arrive in Tabuk, do not drink the water of Tabuk before I come and do not go out. Do not go to the place where their community was destroyed."

However, two people did not obey his order and went to the place where that community lived. One of them was thrown away by a very strong storm; his friends looked for the other one; but they could not find him, either.    

It is understood that the incident of disappearing has been taking place since ancient times. If we summarize, we can say that those kinds of places, where sinning communities lived, became dwelling and settling places for Satan. They were destroyed and died but those who visit those places might be hit by some misfortune.

The issue can also be explained by dirty spirits, jinn and Satan

Along with what was mentioned above, I find it useful to mention another aspect regarding Bermuda Triangle. Some people may put forward some claims but there are still some aspects that are open to interpretation. It sounds better to explain the issueby dirty spirits, jinn and Satan because of the wide range of effects like deactivating the electronic devices.   

Bermuda Devil’s Triangle might be some intervention regarding the sovereignty of Satan by some stones like the moon; dirty spirits settled and dwelled on some satellites, planets and rocks. They might disturb humans by coming from them. They might even be responsible for the things that are known as flying saucers.   

* * *

There are some sacred places on earth; similarly, there are some dirty places where dirty spirits are sovereign.

For instance the Kaaba is sacred up to Sidratu'l-Muntaha (the Lote-Tree of the extremity) and is regarded as the Kaaba. The great angels circumambulate the Kaaba up to Sidratu'l-Muntaha. (Besides, the statesmen of that country circumambulate the Kaaba by a helicopter.) No matter how high one goes up, it is still regarded circumambulation because it is regarded as the Kaaba up to  Sidratu'l-Muntaha. Therefore, Allah made that place sacred; He made thousands of prophets run around this sacred place and made it the grave of thousands of prophets.  According to the statements of some saints who can perceive what is in graves, there are about the graves of three-four hundred prophets around the Kaaba. This place is a holy place that Allah made sacred, showed respect and honored, and that wanted human beings to show respect and honor; it is the place of circumambulation for lofty spirits. This place is the heart in a sense. It is the heart of the earth. As this heart beats, the earth will maintain its spiritual structure and vitality. The fact that the Prophet (pbuh) emerged near this heart is another issue to be dealt with.

There is also a satanic point next to the heart. The heart receives revelations but the satanic point, which is the target of the arrows of Satan, receives delusions, hesitations and doubts.  The earth, which beats like the heart of the universe, has a heart, which is the heart of the globe, the Kaaba. At another place in the heart, there is a satanic point, which is the dwelling place of Satan. All of the offices of Satan receive orders and decrees from that place. The Prophet (pbuh) states the following in a sound hadith:  “Satan sets his throne on the sea; then, he sends off his troops to the people; when they return in the evening, he listens to them. He asks each one ‘What did you do?’ They answer: ‘I made someone give up prayer.. I made someone look at haram...’  Since they are individual incidents, Satan is not satisfied with them. Satan asks another one, ‘What did you do?’  He replies, ‘I made a woman abandon her husband.’ Satan says, ‘Well done!’ and brings him near him.

There is a metaphysical power behind every physical event.  

It is understood that when these evil beings bring about sparks on the spiritual beings of people, they work on behalf of a sovereignty. The places that were invaded and deviated by Satan and destroyed in the name of him are their states, governorships and capital cities in a sense. Therefore, the following is stated in a sound hadith:"Do not go to the places where the previous communities were destroyed. If you go there, go by crying." It is understood from the hadith that satans claim some places and that those places were destroyed and their civilization was demolished due to it, but that their sovereignty continued in the form of devil’s triangle, rectangle, pentagon or hexagon. There is a triangle in the Atlantic Ocean and devil’s hexagons in some other places aiming to deprave humanity. The people are taken away like a gazelle caught by the hunter’s net. Devil’s triangle might be a place where satans are sovereign; when a bad deed is done against them and when human beings do bad deeds, they might be exposed to troubles like that.

While writing about this issue, I tried to explain it based on some religious expressions   though I did not know any definite verse or hadith about it. However, Bermuda Devil’s Triangle might be the expression of a state in the atmosphere or something to be discovered in the future. Nevertheless, it should be known that there is a metaphysical power behind every happening, that is, every physical event that happens on the earth. There is a sovereignty behind every land and there is something unseen behind everything that is seen.   

(*) (Bukhari, Salat, 53; Anbiya, 17; Tafsiru sura (15) 2; Maghazi, 81; Muslim, Zuhd, 38, 39; Musnad, 2/9, 58, 66, 74, 113, 117, 137)

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