Why does Allah not eliminate Satan?

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Satan is evil; it is all right. It misleads people; that is all right, too. We see only evil from any viewpoint you look at. Allah could not have allowed Satan to influence man. For example, He could have eliminated Satan. Why did He not do it?

He could definitely have eliminated Satan if it had been in accordance with His wisdom. He is the one with infinite power. He may just as well eliminate a creature that He created out of nothing.

However, Satan was necessary for the world of testing to be established. He would have a role. Satan undertook this role knowingly and willingly.

Iblis is evil; he is bad, but he is conducive to many good deeds.

Every obedience to Iblis is descent; every disobedience to him is ascent. He who escapes from Satan runs toward Rahman (All-Merciful).

Every creation of our Lord is good; some are good in themselves and some are good in terms of their results.

Iblis is one of the creatures. It is in the second part. Satan is a tool for human progress just like the fertilizer that contributes to the development of plants.

However, some people make it bad for themselves. It is a disease that comes from the heedlessness of the soul.

For example, the sun was created for many benefits, but its light is among the causes of skin cancer.

A person who lies naked for a long time under the sun and falls ill cannot say, “The creation of the sun is bad.”

If a person whose house burns says, “Creation of fire is evil; it is bad!”, he is wrong.

If a person acts carelessly and makes the fire created for many benefits evil for himself, it is his own fault.

Similarly, sending Satan to the earth is for the benefit of man as it is a test.

A fool who makes Satan evil for himself by obeying his orders has no right to blame anyone but himself.

Yes, there are evils originating from Satan, but they are few compared to the good ones.

It is a greater evil to abandon great benefits lest little evil deeds should occur.

For example, if a person does not read the Quran because his eyes get tired, it will be a great evil. It is bad for the eyes to get tired, but it is of no significance compared to the thawabs of reading the Quran.

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