Why does Allah increase the diseases of munafiqs (hypocrites)?

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"In their hearts is a disease; and Allah has increased their disease." - Why did Allah increase their disease? - Do they determine their qadar themselves? - Does it not eliminate the concept of qadar?

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“In their hearts is a disease; and Allah has increased their disease: And grievous is the penalty they (incur), because they are false (to themselves).” (al-Baqara, 2/10)

It is stated in the verse above that there is a disease in the hearts of munafiqs.

If an organ has a disease, it means it cannot fulfill its main duty. For instance, if an eye has a disease, it means there is a problem with seeing; if an ear has a disease, it means there is a problem with hearing. What prevents those organs from functioning normally is their disease. The concepts “hearing impaired and visually impaired” show this.

Accordingly, if a heart has a disease, it means there is a problem with knowing Allah, which is its main duty. That an eye cannot see things and that an ear cannot hear sounds shows that those organs are ill; similarly, that a heart does not fulfill its main duties, which are knowing Allah, believing in Him, obeying and worshipping Him, is an indication of its being ill. 

The phrase “in their hearts is a disease” mentioned in the verse aims to declare that there is no consciousness of belief, obedience andworshipping in the hearts of munafiqs (hypocrites).

“Allah’s increasing the disease of munafiqs’ hearts, which are already ill,” can be explained as follows:

a) Their disease means they suffer more sorrow and grief.

Accordingly, as Allah strengthened the religion of the Prophet (pbuh), their sorrow and grief increased. As Allah increased Islam, He did not aim to increase their sorrow but His elevating Islam and making His Messenger dominant increased the sorrow and grief of munafiqs indirectly.  

b) The expression of the verse above is similar to the expression of Hz. Nuh in the following verse: “O my Lord! I have called to my People night and day, But my call only increases (their) flight (from the Right).” (Nuh, 71/5-6)

Indeed, Hz. Nuh’s call did not increase their flight from what is right. However, his addressees fled away more from the true path when they were called. 

The following verse also has a similar style: “But when a warner came to them, it has only increased their flight (from righteousness).” (Fatir, 35/42)

c) The hypocrites hid their unbelief in their hearts and tried to show that they were believers. Therefore, they pretended to obey some orders and prohibitions of Islam. They felt very sorry when they did so. As the divine obligations introduced by the Quran increased, their sorrow, grief and diseases increased too. (cf Razi, the relevant place)

- It is also possible to describe it as follows:

If a person has a carbuncle that is not seen by others on his body and if a person touches that place from outside, the existence of that carbuncle is revealed and its pain increases when it is touched.

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