why muslims don't eat bacon?

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Why Muslims don't eat bacon, hog? Why it is banned?
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Why is the pork haram (forbidden, impermissible)?

It depends on Allah’s command what is permissible (halal) or what is not. If Allah says permissible for something, it becomes permissible; if He says that it is not permissible, it becomes unpermissible. That is to say, religion is an examination, it is an offer for people.
Allah Almighty tests humanbeing in order to make them appropriate to Paradise. For this reason, He set some commands and prohibitions. And what is important is to comply with these commands and prohibitions.
These principles have lots of benefits for both a person’s private life and his social life. Therefore these principles are providing us to be able to comply with these decrees and prohibitions consciously.
One of the cases that our religion prohibited is Pork. There are lots of wisdoms of this prohibition. We are going to try to point only a few of them.
- Pork contains so much fat. When it is consumed, this fat transmits to the blood. So, blood gets full by fat partides. This excess quantity of fat in blood causes to atherosclerosis of artery (a disease that affecting arterial blood vessels), hypertension and heart attack.
- Also, there are toxic matters in the lard called stoksin. In order to throw out these toxic matters entered to body, adenoid needs to work so much. This situation shows itself especially in children, as inflammation and swelling of lymph nodes. Ill child’s throat area swells abnormally, virtually resembles a pig. For this reason this disease is called “pig disease” (scrophulous). In the case of growing worse, all the lymph nodes swell with suppurating. His/her fever goes up, pain reappears and a dangerous situation occurs.


- The copiously myxoid connective tissue found in the pork is sulphur-rich. By this means, so much sulphur is given to the body. And this excessiveness, by staying in cartilage, muscle and nerves leads to various diseases such as inflammation, arthritis and herniated disc in articulars. If the pork is continually eaten, the hard cartilage matter in the body leavea its place to the myxoid connective tissue transmitted from the pig. As a result of this, the cartilage becomes soft; it is crushed because it can not endure the body weight. So, in articulars there becomes destruction. Those whom eat port, their hands become flabby, and layers of fat occur. For example if the one who eats is a sportsman; he usually feels tired, lazy and little active.


- In pig, there is so much growth hormon. When the piglet bears, its weight is around one or two hundred grams, but when it is six-month old reaches one hundred kilograms. This is because of having excessively growth hormon. Excess quantity of growth hormon taken with port causes tissue puffiness and inflammations in the body. It causes abnormal growth of nose, chin, hands and feet and leads to lipoidosis of the body. The biggest effect of the growth hormon is to lead up to the progress of illness. And so those who work in abattoir and cut pig say that “ Boars exactly become cancer after a certain age.”
- The matters found in the port what is called histamin and imtidazol causes a feeling as if there is a pruritus on the skin. And this leads up to urethritis skin diseases such as eczema, dermatitis, neurodermatitis. These matters also, increase the possibility of catching the illnesses such as carbuncle, appendicitis, biliary tract diseases and inflammation of vein. That’s why, doctors urge cardiopaths not to eat port.
German doctor Prof. Reckeweg in his book named “Port and Human Health” tells one of his memories as follows:
“ With the purpose of treatment, I had gone to a farm of a farmer family. Father was chronic antroz (degenerative articular illness) and was suffering from the illness of hip joint inflammation. Also he was ill with his liver. On mother’s leg there was a varicosis and eczema which making people so much itch. Their daughters were complaint with cardiac insufficiency and rheumatic. Even seeming the most healthy, their sons, too; after having angina, they were complaint with heart failure and inflamed sore. Other daughter of the house was suffering from bronchitis. One of their sons was come down with pig hirsutism and pleuritis and was always complaining about fistula excretion.
As I mentioned above about the illness of this family in detail, additionally I witnessed a strange thing occured in the farm. I saw that there was a pig behind them scratching its back to a tree’s branch.
And I turned to the patients and said; “Can you see the pig behind you.You are eating its flesh with the matters that causing it to scratch and inflammation. And this matters are the  only reason of your illnesses.” After a while when I told the memory I mentioned above to another family living in the Black Forest area, immediately they gave up consuming port and they recovered from many of their illnesses. Now, in the grasslands around that farms there are small folds spreading around like as in Islam countries.
- One of the dangerous diseases that infects by eating port is trichina disease. Pigs get this illness by eating trichinous mouse or trichinous pig. But trichina is not effective so much in pigs. However in humans, it causes a very dangerous and fatal disease.
Trichina worms, taken by having port, pass to blood by the way of stomach-bowel. In this way, they spread to the whole body. Trichina worms place in the tissues of muscle especially in chin, tongue, neck, pharynx and chest-area. They cause apoplexies in the muscles of mastication, speaking and deglutition. Also they lead to occlusion, meningitis and encephalitis in the blood vessels. Some heavy situations end up with death. The worst aspect of this illness is there is no exact treatment.


Trichina disease is especially common in Europe countries. Although firm veterinary measures are taken, trichina epidemic is still seen in Sweden, England and Poland.


As for our country, except native Christians, in no Muslim trichina disease has been seen. That is because, in our country except Christians, no one eats port. Animals and humans are affected by what they consume in some degree. For example, it is known that animals like cat, dog, lion etc... because having flesh, they are tearer and animals such as sheep, goat, camel etc... because of having grass, they are obedient.
This situation is the same in humans as well. It is confirmed that those who eat vegetable foods are to be usually docile mannered; and those who consume meat are to be more rude mannered.
- Pig is an animal that does not envy its female. In people who eat port it is observed that their feeling of jealousy becomes lost or blunt.
Among French philosophers Savorin giving so much importance to feeding, about disposition sasys that Tell me what you eat, I tell you what kind of a person you are.
Allah Almighty created countless foods for us to consume. Besides, He prohibited some harmful things to be consumed. Because He is the One who has plenty of mercy. He did not place on His creature a burden that would not be beared. His decrees and prohibitions can easily be complied.


I wonder what they lose if they do not drink alcohol and eat port. 
An engineer of a machine demonstrates how the machine works and in which conditions it does not work. For example in its catalog, it writes that machine works with 220 volts. And if you ignore this catalog and put to work the machine with 500 volts thinking that it will work better, it is known what will happen.
As you see, human too, is a wonderful motor and a perfect machine that Allah Almighty has created. Certainly He knows how this machine works best. Since Allah made the port forbidden, in that case consuming it is inconvenient.
                                                                                    Selahattin Salimoğlu (Prof. Dr.)

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