Where will those who seek the Prophet on the Day of Judgment find him?

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It is said that there is a hadith stating that those who seek the Prophet on the Day of Judgment will find him on Sirat Bridge and next to Kawthar Pond. What is the full hadith like?

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Hz. Anas narrates:  

Once, I said, "O Messenger of Allah! Intercede for me on the Day of Judgement!" He said, "I will inshallah."

I said, "Where shall I seek and find you?" He said,

"Seek me on Sirat Bridge!" I said,

"What if I cannot find you there?" He said,

"Look for me near Mizan."

"What if I cannot find you there?" He said,

"Then, look for me next to Kawthar Pond. I will definitely be in one of those three places.” (Tirmidhi, Qiyamah 10, no: 2435; Musnad, h. no: 12360)

Tirmidhi said, “This hadith is hasan gharib; we know it like that.” (Tirmidhi ibid)

The Prophet (pbuh) became ill a few days before his death. His fever increased. Even when he was ill, he used to go to the mosque and lead the prayers in congregation but he could not go to the mosque in his last three days. When he last was in the mosque, he made an important speech to his Companions. He appointed Hz. Abu Bakr as the imam to lead the prayers for those three days when he could not go to the mosque on those three days.  

During those three days, he went to the mosque for only one prayer and became the imam to lead the prayer to his Companions for the last time. Some of the advice He gave in his last speech after that prayer was as follows:

“O people! I have heard that you have panicked by thinking about the death of your prophet. No prophet remained forever in his ummah; how can I remain forever with you?

Know that I will rejoin my Lord and I deserve it more than all of you.

Know that you will also rejoin me. The place we will meet is next to Kawthar. Those who want to rejoin me there should keep their hands and tongues away from sins. (see Tecrîd-i Sarîh Tercemesi ve Şerhi, XI, 15-18)

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