What is the wisdom behind the prayers of solar eclipse and lunar eclipse (kusuf and khusuf prayers)?

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The Prophet (pbuh) performed a prayer when there was a solar eclipse. Will you give information about the wisdom behind it?

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It is sunnah to perform a prayer when there is a lunar and solar eclipse. The solar eclipse and the lunar eclipse are the times for the performance of the two special prayers called kusuf and khusuf. That is, when the luminous signs of the day and night are screened, it causes the greatness of Allah to be declared; therefore, Allah Almighty invites His slaves to perform worshipping at that time. 

That prayer is not performed so as to cause the moon and the sun to appear. Their appearance and the duration of the eclipses are definite based on astronomical calculations. When the sun sets, the time for the evening prayer starts; similarly, when the sun is eclipsed, the time for kusuf prayer starts. 

Solar eclipses and lunar eclipses are the times for these prayers. That is, when the sun and the moon, which are the source of light for the day and night, are shadowed for a temporary period by Allah Almighty, they show the magnificence of Allah; thus, Allah Almighty calls His slaves to worship Him through these eclipses. The prayer is not performed in order to end the lunar and solar eclipses, which last for a certain time that can be calculated by astronomers.

It is known based on what magnificent laws solar and lunar eclipses take place. Therefore, it is a very important duty for a person who is a thinker to think about the power and magnificence of the Creator, who imposed these laws so regularly and perfectly, and to prostrate humbly before His power and magnificence.

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