Is rain prayer (dua) done so that it will rain?

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Is rain prayer (dua) done so that it will rain?

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Rain salah and rain dua are kinds of worshipping. Lack of rain is the time of that worshipping. That worshipping and dua are not done to bring rain. If it is done only with that intention, it will not be accepted since it is not sincere.

When the sun sets, it is the time of the evening (maghrib) prayer; solar eclipse and lunar eclipse are the time of kusuf and khusuf prayers.That is, the night and the day are veiled by divine signs, declaring the greatness of Allah; so, Allah Almighty invites His slaves to perform a kind of worshipping. That prayer is not performed so that the moon or the sun will appear again (it is definite by astronomic calculations when the eclipse will take place and how long it will last). Similarly, lack of rain is the time for rain prayer. Allah Almighty calls His slaves to perform salah and dua at that time. Lack of rain becomes the time for that worshipping. The aim of that worshipping is not rain. From this point of view, it is necessary not to see lack of rain as absolute  punishment. (1)

Man, who needs rain and who is too weak to bring it, takes refuge in Allah being conscious of the fact that this need can be met only by Allah. Allah's consent is sought in the prayer of rain like all other kinds of worshipping. After worshipping, people pray to Allah in order to be relieved of the misfortune of lack of rain and ask His help.

Although the apparent outcome of the rain prayer is rain, the real and most beneficial outcome and the sweetest fruit of it as follows: Everybody understands from this situation that the one that gives their sustenance is not their father, house, shop, etc but a Being who meets their needs, gives their food, uses the big clouds like sponges and the earth like a field. Furthermore, a small child who is used to begging his mother when he is hungry will understand, with his small mind, during the prayer of rain the big meaning that a Being who manages this world like a house gives my sustenance and that of these children's and our mothers', and feeds us. If He does not give us food, others will not be of any use. Then, he thinks, we need to beg Him and becomes a fully believing child. (2)

Since lack of rain is the time of worshipping, it is necessary to continue worshipping until this time ends. That is, the time for rain prayer, which is performed at the time of lack of rain, will end when it starts to rain. Therefore, this prayer should not be abandoned after performing it once or twice; it is necessary to continue performing prayers it until it rains.


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(2) Emirdağ Lahikası-I, 14. Mektup.

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