Miracle in Rain

Have you ever thought of rain? In what way? We can think several aspects of rain.

Let us have a look at how it rains.

Raindrops are 6 mm. in diameter. They are never any bigger. They never touch one another while raining. Something dropped from above increases its speed due to the effect of gravity; however, a tiny raindrop falls at a fixed speed, virtually challenging gravity. This event has several vital reasons. If a raindrop dropped in accordance with the law of gravity from a few thousand meters, it would fall on earth like a bullet. 

Fast, piercing and destructive…

Leaving aside the hundreds of wise activities in the formation of rain, we want to ask the following questions:

1- Who arranges the size of raindrops? Who prevents them from becoming bigger?

2- Millions of raindrops do not touch one another while falling down toward the earth despite the effect of the wind. Who (What powerful being) prevents them from touching one another?

3- Raindrops fall at a fixed speed despite the law of gravity. Who (What merciful being) do not allow them to fall like bullets?

4- Raining like this necessitates a doer.

Then, who sends down rain wisely and gives life to the earth with rain?

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