Since Allah knows everything that will happen in pre-eternity, is it not true that He forces us to do that thing?

No. The fact that Allah knows His slave will do something has no forcing effect on the deeds of that person. Let us explain it with an example:

Suppose we know that there will be a lunar eclipse one year later as a result of the astronomic researches. When the lunar eclipse takes place when its time is due, does it mean that the lunar eclipse took place because we knew it. No, because the lunar eclipse did not take place since we knew it; it took place depending on the causes of the eclipse. We discovered those causes one year earlier thanks to scientific researches. The lunar eclipse did not take place because we said there would be a lunar eclipse. 

Similarly, Allah knows beforehand whether his slave will use his will to do a good or bad deed, and he determines and ordains it. He creates it based on the choice of his slave when its time is due. Allah knows it because the slave will want to do it. It is not that the slave wants to do it and does it because Allah knows it. 

Then, the fact that Allah knows in pre-eternity the deeds that His slave does using his will not free a person of responsibility because the fact that Allah knows does not force the slave and does not eliminate his will and freedom by any means.  

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