Since the good and the bad deeds of man were created by Allah, how can a person be held responsible for the bad deed that he commits?

Allah knows all of our deeds and actions whether good or bad and creates them when their time is due. The fact that he knows and creates them does not free us from responsibility because Allah gave us the will, preference, ability and freedom of distinguishing between the good and the bad, the useful and the evil and choosing one of them. This preference and will in man is called “partial free will”. Man can distinguish between the good and the bad, the useful and the evil by using that ability. Then, Allah creates that deed based on man’s preference.  It means, Allah creates the good and bad deeds of his slave not by forcing him to do good deeds or bad deeds but based on the preference he makes using his will. If the slave prefers the good deed, Allah creates the good deed; if he prefers the bad deed, Allah creates the bad deed... Then, the responsibility lies on the person who makes the preference.

In short, it can be said that it is Allah who creates the bad and the good in the deeds of His slaves but it is man who deserves it. Therefore, the responsibility lies on man.

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