Is a person who is insane held responsible for the sins he commits?

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It is necessary for a person to be sane in order to be held responsible. Accordingly, children who have not reached the age of puberty and people who are not sane are not held responsible. They will not be punished in the grave or in Hell.

Those who are not sane are dealt with in two groups:

The first one: Those who are born insane or who become insane in childhood. They have no responsibility.

The second one: Those who become insane after the age of puberty. They are called to account for the sins they commit after the age of puberty and before becoming insane.

However, if a person becomes insane when he is a believer, it is hoped that his illness will be atonement for his previous sins. Being insane is a mental disease; Allah accepts diseases as an atonement for sins.

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