Is it necessary to kill an animal that has killed a human being?

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We should try to maintain the natural balances of the universe and animals, which form one of those balances.

It is not permissible to kill harmless animals unless there is a risk of their spreading a disease or there is a legitimate excuse. It stated that it is forbidden to kill unnecessarily and arbitrarily the animals living on land and in the sea except the ones that attack people or their belongings and that killing them makes the one that kills them responsible. 

However, to kill an ownerless animal by mistake decreases the sin but it is still necessary to repent, give sadaqah and ask forgiveness from Allah. If the animal has an owner, it is necessary to pay him the price of the animal and to ask forgiveness from him. 

Besides, if it is necessary to kill an animal, it needs to be killed suddenly and without giving much pain to the animal and without scaring it.

If an animal kills a human being, it shows that it is an animal. Since animals have no intellect, they will not be held responsible. Its owner will be held responsible in the eye of Allah and he is regarded to have committed a crime in terms of human rights. 

Therefore, if the owner of the animal is guilty, one will apply to the court; the owner will be punished or will be imposed a fine. However, the animal that has caused a loss cannot be killed or harmed.

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