Along with the good, the bad is also created in the universe? Why does Allah create the bad?

It is Allah who creates the good and the bad. This belief is an inseparable part of belief in qadar.

However, the good things that are created in the world are essential; the bad things are details. The good things are like the products; the bad things are like the waste material.

The bad is created in order to show the truth and the beauty of the good, as it is expressed in the rule,  “everything is known (understood) through its opposite.” For instance, if there were no diseases, it would be impossible to know what a great bounty health is. If there was no darkness, the value of the light is not understood. If there were no bad things, the merit and superiority of the good things would not be understood.

If the bad things, which are weak in comparison to the good, had not been created in the world, the nature and beauty of the good would to be seen fully, and the levels, ranks and types of the good things would not be understood. Thus, many good things would not exist because a small bad thing was not created; therefore, a great amount of evil and harm would appear.

Besides, the consideration of the bad and the good usually changes based on the understanding and viewpoint of a person. It is possible that man sometimes regards something evil and ugly for himself but actually it is quite good for him. However, since man is egoist and he gives importance to appearance, he may label everything that seems contrary to his interest at first as evil. Let us give an example to explain it: When a person has an important thing to do and misses a plane, it seems as a great evil to him because his interest was harmed and his business was hampered. However, let us suppose that the plane crashed. In that case, that person will start to think how good the thing that he thought as evil is for him.

It means many things that may appear as evil at first may be good in the end. Ibrahim Hakkı of Erzurum explains the issue very well in the following poem:


“God transforms evil to good

Do not think He does something else

The clever person watches it

Let us see what God will do

Whatever He does, He does well...”


To say that evil and bad things take place outside the knowledge and will of Allah means to claim that there is a limit to the attributes of Knowledge, Will and Power of Allah. It necessitates a deficiency in the divinity; it is also contrary to the fact that the universe was created based on a plan and program.

Therefore, the issue that the good and the bad come from Allah and that they were created by Allah is included in the belief of qada and qadar; it was deemed necessary to deal with it again and to confirm it.

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