What is Qadar (Destiny), Qada (Decree) and Partial Free Will?

Qadar (Destiny), Qada (Decree) and Partial Free Will

Since our issue is qadar, we must know the meanings of some words before we start explaining the issue. One of them is the word "qadar". 

QADAR“ is the knowledge and recording by Allah Almighty of everything from pre-eternity to post eternity by knowing the state, time, place, attributes and features of everything in the tablet of qadar called lawh al-mahfuz (the preserved tablet).”

QADA“ is Allah’s invention and creation of this pre-eternal recording and destiny.”

Qadar is the result of Allah’s knowledge and qada is the manifestation of Allah’s power. That is, Allah wrote with His knowledge and created with His power. Writing is qadar and creating is qada. 

For example, the time of birth and death of a person is determined beforehand. This determination is qadar. The birth of a person when its time is due and his death when its time is due, namely, the creation of birth and death is qada.

PARTIAL FREE WILL is the ability to act freely and the freedom of choice given by Allah to man.

To put it in a more detailed way, Allah gave man many abilities such as reading, writing, running, eating, drinking and sitting. Each of these abilities is named as "universal will”. It is necessary not to confuse the phrase "universal will” with Allah’s universal will.  

Allah’s universal will means He can do anything He wishes and nothing can prevent His order.

Man’s “universal will” is the abilities given to him. When man takes action to do something with one of those abilities, the “universal will” becomes partial. Here, "partial" does not mean "smallness"; it means "specificity".

For example, man has the ability to eat and drink. This is "universal will." When man starts to drink water thanks to this ability, this ability becomes "partial". Now, man has used his universal in a specific way and started to drink water. This is named "partial free will". Here, man is free. Man can drink water or he can prefer to drink a forbidden beverage.  What makes him responsible is the authority of choice given to him.

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