What are the positive effects of belief in qada and qadar on the life of man?

Belief in qada and qadar is the greatest remedy for man’s desperation, hopelessness and grief. Thanks to his belief in qadar, man sees the troubles and misfortunes he faces as the preordainment of Allah and consoles himself. Man consents to His preordainment. He feels that he is under the control of the Almighty Lord. Since he knows that troubles and misfortunes come from Allah, he takes shelter only with Him and prays only Him in order to be saved. He thinks that the trouble he is suffering will be kaffarah and a reason for forgiveness for him, and shows patience and endurance.

Therefore, the following adage is well-known.

“He who believes in qadar becomes free of grief.”

Belief in qadar relieves the soul of man of burdens as heavy as the world because man is in relation with the whole universe. His aims and desires, his ideals and targets are endless. However, his power, will and freedom are limited and constricted. Sometimes, he cannot afford to realize even one in one thousand of his aims, desires, thoughts and ideas. In this case, the unrealized desires, ideals and thoughts of man keep him under pressure, crush his soul, and wring his heart and conscience. They make him hopeless. For such a man, belief in qadar is the greatest source of consolation, enthusiasm and effort, and a gleam of light; it is also a strong ground that can carry the heavy burden on him. 

As we have mentioned before, qadar saves man from proud and conceit. It prevents the soul and ego from making man conceited and deviate from the right path, and making him like a Pharaoh. It makes man modest and humble.

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