What does the fact that everything of a factory has been planned show?

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7.2.5- That everything of a factory has been planned is a necessity of knowledge and prudence

Is it not a clear evidence for thecomprehensiveness of the knowledge and precaution of that person to consider all the materials and things to be used during the production process in the factory, to have them delivered and to plan everything in detail after determining the model, plan and program of that factory? Does this determination and arrangement not show clearly his great ideas and memory, his comprehensive sight that takes everything in the factory into consideration, and his prudence? Does this state not show that this person works with a perfect system and order and that he rules and organizes with wisdom without forgetting and confusing anything? Does it not show that he has knowledge that takes everything into consideration and justice that does not throw anything into nothingness and waste?

Just as in the example above, God Almighty wanted the invention of the universe factory. He determined the principles of the universe with His Pre-eternal knowledge and created all beings, with all of their atoms and parts out of nothing in six days compared to pre-eternity and post-eternity; that is, He created them with ibdamahd. The Holy Creator, who has endless perfection and beauty, established a wide variety of workbenches in this factory showing the beauty of His one thousand names with the miracles of his Power, the wonders of His mercy and the subtleties of His wisdom.

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