What does everything’s being new and being made for the first time in the creation of the universe show? Could the formation of the universe be a coincidence?

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Dear Brother / Sister, has a model. Everything is made for the first time

Fourthly:The view that “energy was released for the formation of the elements and that compounds formed from the elements in a period of billions of years” indicates a great source of energy and power, and the owner of a great knowledge and will; it never indicates coincidence. Before the energy is released, the being to release the energy must have enough energy. Then, a cause for the energy release is necessary; and energy release is then expected to have a knowledge and power to form the compounds into a certain shape and produce the elements. For, everything is new and the properties of each element are given for the first time; and the rules of forming compounds are introduced for the first time. In that case, the being giving that energy and luminous light must be eternal. In other words, it must dominate both the past and the moment as well as the future. Not accepting Allah, who has those attributes, and accepting matter as pre-eternal mean attributing divinity to substances that do not possess energy, knowledge, will and power. This is a thought that is impossible even to imagine.1

1.Peter Karlson, KurzesLehrbuch der Biochemie ,1980.

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