What does Allah’s name ash-Shafi mean? Will you explain it in detail?

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What does Allah’s name ash-Shafi mean? Will you explain it in detail?
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Ash-Shafi: Allah, who cures ill people.

Allah gives man cure for his material and spiritual illnesses with His nameash-Shafi.

"And when I am ill, it is He Who cures me." (ash-Shuara, 26/80)

One of the moments that man understands his weakness and notices that he is in such a needy state is definitely when he is ill. The bodily and spiritual effects every disease has on man is different. However, all of them are evidences for a wise creation. That a virus that cannot be seen by the eye destroys a person and that a microbe that enters the body cannot even be diagnosed are among the clearest evidences of Allah's power. The experiments and researches made by scientists in order to eliminate a single virus displays Allah’s superiority in creating.

Since it is Allah who gives the illness, this illness can be cured only if Allah wishes. If Allah wishes, he removes the illness that He has given with His attribute Shafi. As a matter of fact, if Allah does not wish, it is impossible for the illness of that person to be cured even if all of the doctors of the world come together with the most advanced devices and the drugs that have been recently discovered. All of the drugs that are used are means of cure for the illness. If Allah wishes, He allows the person to heal by accepting the treatment as a means. However, even a seemingly simple illness can cause the death of a person if Allah does not wish.

In that case, what man needs to do is to see the endless power of our Lord along with his weakness and to ask for help from Him whenever he is in trouble. The high ethics, patience and tawakkul (reliance on Allah) of Hz. Ayyub (Job) in the face of the trouble caused by Satan is an exemplary lesson for all believers. Allah answered his prayer and saved him from that trouble. Hz. Ayyub received the great reward of showing patience and turning toward Allah only.

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