What are the prayers to be recited in order to have a baby?

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What are the prayers to be recited in order to have a baby?

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One must ask from Allah what is best for him/her. We may not know what is good or bad for us. As it is stated in one verse of the Quran, sometimes it may be good for us what we assume to be bad and vice versa. Therefore, we must demand the best of everything from Allah, including a child. Of course, having a baby is everyone’s wish. And it is supported by the laws of creation. However, in some cases, it may be better for someone not to have a baby.

Families without kids may strive to remove the causes of failing to have kids and try to have a baby. However, if all the efforts for having a baby do not work, it is not good to make it a big problem or to insist that much. Perhaps it is better for them. Perhaps they would have faced unexpected troubles if they had had a kid, and thus Allah did not give them a child in order protect them.

Yes, one may wish to have a baby, try to have one, but must not cross the line and turn it into an obsession. One must always ask for the best from Allah. May Allah give us the best of everything. (Amen)

1. "Inna rabbaka huwa al-khallaqu alAAaleemu" This verse: “Surely, your Lord knows all kinds of creation” (al-Hijr, 15/86) must be repeated 1267 times, day and night, for three months.

2. Or "Fa-llāhu huwa l-waliyyu wa-huwa yuhyi" This verse: “Surely, Allah is the friend and He is the Creator” (ash-Shura, 42/9) must be repeated 289 times before intercourse.

3. Or the verse "Huwa Allahu al khaliqu albariu" Or this verse: “He is the Creator from nothing” (al-Hashr, 59/24) must be repeated 1054 times.)

4. Or, with the condition that, the woman has no medical problems, the woman who does not have a baby, must write “Bismillahirrahmanirrahim -  In the name of Allah, the most merciful, the most compassionate” on a clean piece of paper 110 times, then keep the paper on her, and have intercourse with her spouse, she will get pregnant by the leave of Allah. (She must keep the paper on her body till she gets pregnant)


(Be it son or daughter, but let it have a smooth face and hands) is a true saying that expresses an important truth. Indeed, we may not know whether a son or a daughter is good for us. We must also ask from Allah a good child. We can wish a boy or a girl. However, we must not be insistent. One must pray like this:

O my Allah, We want from you a boy (or a girl), but you know better than us. Give us whatever is the best for us.”

Yes, one must pray like that; and, whether it  is a boy or a girl, one must never object or show displeasure. Besides, that reaction will be in vain because, it is beyond our power. It is entirely the judgment of Allah. No one has the authority to object His deeds. Such behavior never complies with the meaning of servitude or the meaning of being a true Muslim. We must surrender to the predestination of Allah and feel contented by His deeds. Let us repeat the sentence at the very beginning: “Be it son or daughter, but let it have a smooth face and hands.” Amen

For begetting a son, one must read the chapter of al-Ikhlas three times with Basmala before the intercourse and then read the following prayer:

"Allahummaj alni min ladunka zurriyyatan tayyibatan mutiatan." MEANING: “O my Allah! Grant me a pure and respectful generation from your high presence.

(Bilal Eren, Açıklamalı Büyük Dua Hazinesi (The Big Treasure of Prayers with explanations), p 165-166)

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