Is there a moment when all prayers are accepted?

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Is there such a moment really? Is any prayer we say accepted at that time? Is it not nonsense for all prayers said at that time to be accepted?

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Dear Brother / Sister,

There are sound hadiths regarding the issue. One of those narrations is as follows:  

“There is an hour during the night in which no Muslim individual will ask Allah for good in this world and the next without His giving it to him; and that applies to every night.” (Muslim, Musafirin 166, 167)

The purpose of the creation of human beings is to worship Allah. One of the most important signs of worshipping is dua (prayer/supplication). “My Lord is not uneasy because of you if ye call not on Him…” (al-Furqan, 25/77) The importance of dua, which is a sincere deed of worship, is underlined in the verse above.

Therefore, Allah wants His slaves to mention him both during the day and at night, and to pray to him for their world and the hereafter. He wants them to pray as follows: “O Lord! Make me happy in both worlds! O Allah! Give me health! O Lord! Make me successful in what I do!”

Both nights and days belong to Allah. He gives the blessing that He wishes when he regards it appropriate. He does not regard it appropriate for His slaves, whom He created in the best mold, to whom He gave the best boons and for whom He prepared Paradise and His jamal, to spend the long night in heedlessness. Allah wants them to know that He owns everything and to tell Him about their needs.   

People are encouraged to worship by being informed beforehand that there will be “a time when prayers are accepted” every night just like Friday and Night of Power.

This time period is kept as a secret; thus, people are encouraged to worship all the time; on the other hand, they are prevented from feeling conceited by saying, “I prayed to Allah at the time when prayers are accepted.”

Moreover, there are two remarkable, important points in the hadith: The phrase “Muslim individual” is emphasized along with the phrase “ask Allah for good”.

The word Muslim indicates a real man who has surrendered to Allah in all aspects.

Asking for good means the things that Allah regards as “good” not what a person wishes as good based on his soul and desire.

It is not something easy to realize those two points.

Thus, the hadith does not say that “any prayer” will be accepted from “anybody”. On the contrary, the hadith says that “good prayers” will be accepted from “Muslims”.

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