Question 71: Is it not possible for the first living being to have come to the world from space by chance through a meteor or any other way?

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Answer: The question that evolutionists cannot answer is how the first life emerged. It does not matter where the first life originated. It is much more difficult to prove that life originated in space and came to the world than explaining that life emerged in the world.

No evolutionist has seriously claimed so far that life began in space and came to earth because the conditions of space are not suitable for life at all. First of all, water, air and atmospheric conditions, which are absolutely necessary for life, do not exist in space as far as it is known. In particular, an environment to filter radiation and other harmful rays in space and to protect the living beings from them is necessary. What is the really important issue is the friction conditions on the earth. As it is known, the speed of the earth is approximately 108 thousand km per hour. Any object that comes from space to enter the globe moving at this speed will burn immediately due to friction. It is definitely not possible for a living being to cross this friction barrier and enter the world safely.

That evolutionists claim that the first living being came from space shows their weakness regarding the issue. No matter where the first living being emerged, there will be a creator who created it. That is an issue that evolutionists do not accept and escape from. Whether they go to space imaginarily, enter under the ground, or even go out of the galaxy, they will have to accept someone who created the first living being.

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