Question 22: What is the purpose of the creation of man?

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Answer: Allah expresses the purpose of the creation of man as worshipping:

I have only created Jinn and men that they may serve (worship) Me.1

Thus, the purpose for the sending of man to this world and the wisdom implicit in it, consists of recognizing the Creator of all beings and believing in Him and worshipping Him. However, the whole purpose of life for materialist, atheist philosophers and evolutionists is the world life.

According to materialist evolutionists, the purpose of the creation of all living beings, and especially man, is only to serve their own souls. However, if the wisdom behind the creation of man related to himself is one, the wisdom related to the creator is ninety-nine.

A landlord has the right to design his house as he wishes. He makes some arrangements inside the house based on a number of reasons. It is normal for us not to know the reasons for the arrangements he makes in his house; similarly, Allah has a number of reasons and purposes related to the beings, especially human beings He created. We cannot fully know the reasons for the arrangements someone makes in his house; if we do not know all the reasons for the deeds of the being with infinite knowledge and power in the universe, it does not mean the universe is at large and ownerless.

1.adh-Dhariyat, verse 56.

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