Is the following theory of evolutionists regarding the formation of the sun true: “the sun came into existence by the compression of a huge cloud in the course of time”?

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Is the following theory of evolutionists regarding the formation of the sun true: “the sun came into existence by the compression of a huge cloud in the course of time”?
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The materials and methods that are used by scientists, whether they are evolutionists or creationists, in order to understand the formation and structure of the universe, the sun and other plants are similar. The biggest difference between them is regarding by whom this life was created? An evolutionist proposes that all living things come into existence coincidentally, without a purpose or aim. On the other hand, people who accept that there should be a creator think that every creation comes into existence according to a plan for a certain cause as an art of God’s knowledge, will and power.

After these explanations, as for the question given above, we can say that no one knows the truth about the formation of the sun so we cannot decide whether it is true or wrong. There are interpretations about the creation of the sun according to the information we have today. It is possible that scientists will abandon their interpretations based on the new data to be obtained in the future and accept new interpretations and views.  

If what is asked in the question is the view of the Quran regarding the formation of the sun, first of all it is necessary to state that the Quran is a book of religion and its essential duty is to inform people about Allah, about their duties toward Allah, themselves and the society and about the hereafter. The following is stated in a verse regarding the issue in the Quran: “Moreover, He Comprehended in His design the sky, and it had been (as) smoke: He said to it and to the earth: ‘Come ye together willingly or unwillingly.’ They said: ‘We do come (together), in willing obedience.’" (Fussilat, 11)

The religion of Islam encourages people to search and examine; it regards the study of the scientists and scholars as worshipping. What Islam rejects is leaving Allah out and attributing creatures to coincidence and causes.
Man has a nature that can be influenced and he is open to suggestions and inculcations. Thus, man is like an empty container. If his heart and brain are not filled with positive thoughts and truths, they will be filled with negative ideologies, superstitions and sophistry.

After a certain period, materialists fill the brains of poor people through continuous and intense inculcations so that they will not accept anything other than materialistic and atheistic thoughts. Then, those people lose their logic and reasoning, becoming like robots.

Although it is certain that even a simple house cannot form without a master, they regard the palace of the universe to have formed without an owner and creator. It is impossible for a letter to form without a writer but they regard the book of the universe to have formed without a writer. They also believe that lifeless, unconscious and will-less nature created all plants, animals and human beings or that they formed on their own. They think that they are aimless, at large and unattended; they are in a terrible deviation.
They cannot see the ugliness and impossibility inside the denial of Allah that lower the value and nature of man from the level of being a diamond to the level of being coal and that eliminates all of his humane characteristics, making him fall down to a level lower than that of animals. The great, comprehensive truths in the universe cannot be explained by unbelief and denial.

The nature of denial involves lies but it also involves accepting the opposite of the truth. For instance, to deny the architect of the Selimiye Mosque is a truthless sophistry and a big lie. When such a magnificent work of art that boggles the mind with its perfect plan, wonderful esthetics and artistic construction exists, it is a great sophistry, a terrifying oppression and a truthless superstition to deny its architect.

Similarly, to deny the creator, owner and director of this magnificent palace of the universe is a much uglier lie, more terrible nonsense and a more terrifying sophistry.

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