Is the nikah (marriage contract) held in the presence of witnesses through the internet valid?

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People in different locations can meet, get together and talk to one another by hearing their voices through the Internet.

In international relations and trade, agreements are made, very important issues are discussed and decisions are made by using the phone and internet communication.

In the face of all those new developments, if the people to be married and the witnesses come together on the internet and make an Islamic marriage (nikah), that marriage contract will be valid if it is recorded. Recording is a safety measure; it is not a condition for the validity of the contract because there are witnesses in case of denial.

However, nikahs without official registration pose many problems. For this reason, in any case, it should be noted that it is not appropriate to have a nikah without official registration.

Th reasons are as follows:

Nikah is a marriage contract that imposes serious religious and legal rights, as well as responsibilities on both parties.

In this respect, it is of great importance that the marriage contract is done in the most ideal way and that there is no doubt, imputation or abuse in its content.

As a matter of fact, the marriage is not regarded enough with the consent of the bride and groom; the issues like the knowledge and permission of the parents (or guardians), the presence of at least two witnesses with the necessary conditions and the announcement of the wedding show the sensitivity shown to the nikah in our religion.

In this context, those who want to marry should have their marriage done within the above-mentioned criteria and by registering officially.

Accordingly, it would be appropriate to avoid marriage contract in real or virtual environments that are likely to cause some problems and abuse without being officially registered.

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