Is the road to marriage longer compared to Christianity?

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What are the steps to be taken for a valid marriage?
I am planning to convert and I am learning more about the Islamic world. It seems that the road to marriage is longer compared to Christianity, for example. My question is this: What are all the steps that form this road?

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On the one hand, there are binding rules in the religion; on the other hand, and there are practices and customs that are not contrary to religion but that do not bind every Muslim while practicing the religion. In terms of binding religious rules, “The road to marriage in Islam is not longer compared to Christianity”.

If a man and a girl or a woman whose marriage is religiously acceptable, or their parents or proxies, come together and declare their will in the presence of appropriate witnesses and say, (“I got married to …, I agreed to marry…”, the marriage contract is established; that is, the marriage takes place.

It is that easy and simple.

Customs and practices regarding seeing and getting to know each other before the marriage contract, betrothal, engagement, wedding, and the purchase of jewelry and household appliances... are not binding religious rules; they are customs and traditions, and they vary according to different subcultures.

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