Did entering nuptial chamber with a child ever occur in the history of Islam?

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- If not, why do most tafsir scholars understand the phrase “those who have no courses” in at-Talaq 4 to mean those who have not yet menstruated because they are children?
- I think there must be a reason why so many tafsir scholars understood it this way. Can you prove that my opinion is wrong?
- I want to believe that my opinion is wrong.

The Answer

Dear Brother / Sister,

The verse is understood without any difficulty as “those who do not menstruate because of a fault even though they are of age” and it should have been understood like that.

In different geographies and cultures, there may be customs of marrying girls who have not yet menstruated; that must have been why some tafsir understood it that way.

Islam has adopted the principle of protecting life and health as a principle, and the purpose of marriage is to establish a family and reproduce.

Marrying young girls actually is both harmful to health and contrary to the purpose of marriage.

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