Is marriage with the intention of acquiring citizenship permissible?

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- Is marriage with the intention of getting a visa or acquiring the citizenship of a different country permissible?
- I have no wealth. I was a Muslim living in distress and stress. My wife lives abroad. I made a temporary marriage to get a visa. We had a religious marriage contract and live in the same house. I am sure that one day the marriage will end. Unfortunately, I have no feeling called love toward my spouse. What is the decree on it?
- Must the marriage be ended immediately because I have these thoughts?
- My wife is unaware of my thoughts. I perform all my Islamic requirements.

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Dear Brother / Sister,

First of all, we should us state that a temporary marriage is invalid.

A temporary marriage is called a marriage made in the presence of witnesses for a certain period of time with words expressing marriage; the marriage made in this way is invalid. (cf. Binaya, 4/101)

As for the issue in the question:

Two aspects are and should be taken into consideration in the answers given to the fiqh questions: Form and purpose.

If a person marries with the intention of getting a visa - but without expressing it during marriage contract - that is, without saying, “I agree to marry you temporarily” but by saying “I agree to marry you” and if mutual offer and acceptance is made in the presence of appropriate witnesses, this marriage contract will be valid in terms of the conditions of form unless there is an obstacle to the marrying of the parties.

However, marriage has a purpose in Islam; such a marriage does not fulfill this purpose; therefore, it can be done only due to a serious need (necessity).

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