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Salaam, I have decided to get married to someone who is not fromthe same culture as me but is a muslim, (i am pakistani and she is bengali). We have known each other for a few years now, however as I have come to decide to marry her, I have been shown pictures of her goingout to clubs in revealing clothing. this all occured before I met her, and now she has calmed down, however I seem to be quite angry and was on the verge of breaking off the engagement. Is this a valid in islam?
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Dear Brother / Sister,

You should act not in accordance with her past behaviours but in accordance with her present behaviours.  If you get on well with eachother and don't have big problems past behaviours of any of you musn't be taken into consideration.  Everybody had made many mistakes and wrong doings in their past life. If s/he repented of her/his faults then there shall not be any problem. Also, seeking the past faults of the wife or husband will not be advantageous for the family life. Our prophet Muhammad (PBUH) recommend us for not to dig up the faults of anybody.

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