Is it advisable to marry at a young age and in a hurry?

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I am looking for a halal way of earning income and I think it is possible. However, employers do not pay very much for the job I apply and many others for full time work for my skill; and rents are high here in America. Is it logical for a person who continues to live with his mother, who has a small income, and who relies on his mother for the wedding expenses (she has already paid for my sister’s wedding and has promised to pay for me and my other brother’s wedding), to marry at an early age? I am 23 years old. When should I get married? I struggle with women in real life, masturbation on the internet in particular and obsession though not as badly as before.

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Dear Brother / Sister,

According to Islam, a person who reaches the age of marriage, which is eighteen for boys and seventeen for girls, according to the last Ottoman law, should get married as soon as possible when the livelihood and other eligibility qualifications are ensured.

Early marriage not only gives people the opportunity to have children on time and take care of them properly, but also protects them from haram to a great extent.

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