If it is the spirit that gives the feeling of vitality to the body and if the body dies when the spirit leaves, what happens to the spirit when we are anesthetized while undergoing surgery?

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The separation of the spirit from the body is called death. Therefore, the spirit is in the body when you are asleep, having an operation and unconscious.

The state caused by anesthesia can be perceived as a deep sleep. We sleep when some part of the anterior cortex layer of the brain is deactivated; similarly, when this layer of the brain is deactivated more deeply by anesthesia, narcotic drowsiness occurs.

It is not possible for the spirit to leave the body when one is asleep; nor can it leave the body during anesthesia. The spirit continues to remain in the body. For, the spirit has external body, is an independent being, has consciousness and is a law of the realm of order; it is difficult to say something clear regarding the issue since we do not know the real nature of the spirit.

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