Do souls go to the realm of souls when we are asleep?

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Do souls go to the realm of souls when we are asleep?
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Man is composed of the body and the soul. The body is a structure which consists of flesh and bones and originally earth and which maintains its life thanks to the proteins coming from the earth which have undergone chemical and physical change; and this structure is to turn into earth when it dies.

The soul, on the other hand, is a Divine command that comes from Allah and makes the body alive, grants it the ability to see and feel.

Let us think of a dead man; all his body, hands, arms, brain, eyes, heart, is exactly where they are to be. If we tell this person a joke, ask him a puzzle, tell fearsome stories and sorrowful events, does he react to what we say in any way?

What happened to that man, who, when alive, laughed at every joke, became sad at every sorrowful event, who would get scared, happy, sad? Actually, the crucial question is, what leaves the body when one dies without which there is no happiness or sorrow? The answer is the soul.

It means what produces our feelings and what is the source of emotions is the soul. Otherwise, it is impossible to explain away such notions as happiness, idea, thought with an electrical flow between the organs of body. Thanks to the soul, there are feelings. When the trust of the soul is taken away, feelings and ideas abandon the body, too.

During dreams, the soul does not leave the body. The soul has the ability to be present in other places without leaving the body. Indeed, the souls of those who have purified themselves can be present in many places at a time. Abdulqadir Gilani was seen in more than forty places at a time.

During dreams, too, the human soul is connected to the body. However, while dreaming, different windows are opened to various places and realms and the soul views those realms through these windows. It can contact with other people’s souls.
Sleep is a vital need for humans and God created daytime as the time for working for livelihood and the night as the time for sleeping and resting. Sleeping is not nothingness but is a time for resting.

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