What are the proofs to the existence of soul?

A human being consists of body and soul. Body is like a vehicle and device for soul. Soul owns body and uses it as it wishes. Imam al-Ghazali likened the body to a city and the soul to the governor of that city. There are many proofs to the existence of soul. In this article, we would like to list some of those proofs.

1- Everyone often talks about themselves. They say “in my opinion”, “myself” and shortly they say “me”. When we search for this “me ’s place in our body, we cannot see anything but only human cells. And we cannot see anything other than the facts about cells in them. So, where this “me” could be?

2- Human body is constantly changing. In every minute our body produces innumerable hormones and enzymes; many cells die and they are replaced by the new ones in our bodies. Our cells refresh with the food we intake, and at the same time the substances in cells are replaced by new ones. In this way, a human being changes completely –even the cells- in a matter of a few years. It is a medical fact that our current body will be scattered around in a while and it will regenerate with totally new substances. However, the “me” stays the same although the person changes including his atoms, which are invisible. If we consider that man consists of only physical body and deny the existence of soul, how can we explain it?

3- When we want to do something or say something, how do we come up with this idea? From whence does the idea come? Who speaks it?

4- For instance, when we want to walk, innumerable mechanisms become active with a complicated chain of movements and enable us to walk. Yet, we are not even aware of it at that moment. So what can be the power which organizes those innumerable occurrences and prevents any error from happening?

5- What is the power that provides human beings with movement ability and pursues its aliveness?

6- What is the difference between alive and dead? Why is a human nothing but a pile of flesh when he/she dies, although the body, brain, heart and all neural system inside body stay the same?

7- Let us think about how a cell works. Innumerable incidents happen and the life in a cell pursues properly. A great attentiveness attracts out attention in the mechanism, as if it was all sized up. Not any confusion or danger emerges. So, what is it that makes this perfect organization which we are not even aware of?

8- What manages the complicated actions in a cell? We can answer as “nucleus”. And nucleus is managed by enzymes and the genes in DNA via RNA. Shortly, it can be said that the highest level of DNA which is the brain of the cell is equal to the total of the genes in it. Yet, if we ask what manages DNA, what can the answer be?

9- Let us ask the same question for human brain. Brain manages the body. And brain has got upper centers and lower centers. Some centers are under the control of others. What is the highest center; what is the highest level? Is it cortex? Maybe, yes, because conscious working and our will is related to cortex. However, this cannot be the highest level, because, a person falls into sleep or in narcosis and has hallucinations when there is a disorder in reticular formation even though the cortex is undamaged. In this sense, a highest level in the brain cannot be determined. An approximate conclusion can be made: The highest level of the brain is its total. It is only when every part of the brain is really normal and healthy that any part can carry out its duty properly. So, what is the highest level that controls the brain?

A human being is consists of body and soul. Death happens when soul leaves the body and the soul goes to its real place. And this place is determined by how the soul used the body in earthly life.

As Ibrahim Hakki of Erzurum said:

“How could you recognize the King of the universe if Allah did not make you the King of this body and entrust the management to you?”

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