How is Qa'da al-Akhira (last sitting) performed in prayer?

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How is Qa'da al-Akhira (last sitting) performed in prayer?
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What is Qa'da al-Akhira (last sitting)?

It means sitting in the last rak'ah of prayer after sajdahs (prostrations). Sitting after the second and fourth rak'ahs in the prayer is called qa'da. The sitting in prayer is performed after the second and third rak'ahs of Maghrib and Witr prayers, which consist of three rak'ahs. The sitting after the second rak'ah in prayer is called Qa'da al-Ula (the first sitting), and the sitting after the third and fourth rak'ahs in prayer is called Qa'da al-Akhira (the last sitting). The first sitting is wajib and the last sitting is fard. The last sitting in the second rak'ah of two-rak'ah prayers is the last sitting as there is no first sitting in these prayers.

How is the form of sitting?

In the first and last sittings, the left foot is placed horizontally and we sit on it. And the right foot is erected (vertically) on toes facing the Qibla. The fingers of hands are put on thighs. The knees are not grasped. The body is held straight and we look at the lap. Women sit by tilting both feet to the right side.

What is the duration of the sitting?

The duration of the sitting which is fard is the length of tashahhud. What is meant for the length of tashahhud is sitting long enough to recite at-tahiyyat.

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