How to perform the evening (maghrib) prayer (Fard)

The evening (maghrib) prayer consists of five rak'ahs: two rak'ahs of sunnah and three rak'ahs of fard. The fard is performed first.

First, the intention is uttered and the prayer starts. The first two rak'ahs are performed just like the other fard prayers. It is necessary to sit after the second rak'ah. Only at-Tahiyyat is read while sitting. After that, it is necessary to stand up for the third rak'ah. Only the chapter of al-Fatiha is read in the third rak'ah and ruku is performed. After the prostration, it is necessary to sit for the last sitting. At-Tahiyyat, salawat and duas are uttered, and the prayer ends with salutations.

After the fard prayer, the two-rak'ah sunnah is performed just like the sunnah of the morning prayer.

Qira'ah can be read aloud if the fard of the morning prayer is performed individually. If it is performed in congregation, it is necessary for the imam to utter qira'ah aloud.

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