How can we answer a person who says Allah –God forbid- is a sadist?

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- How can we clearly silence a person who speaks like that?

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Dear Brother / Sister,

We can learn Allah’s ethics only from Him. We have no other choice. For, there are a few possibilities regarding the issue:

a) If a person who does not believe in Allah mentions Allah’s attributes, it means he is doing something nonsensical.

b) If a person who believes in Allah but does not believe in the religion of Islam mentions Allah’s attributes, it shows his ignorance. For, to know Allah does not mean to know Allah’s existence, His attributes and ethics.

Acting upon the fact “A needle cannot be without a master and a letter cannot be without a writer”, man can believe in the creator of this universe with his mind.

However, nobody knows/can know all of the attributes of Allah and His ethics.

c) A person who believes in the Quran as he believes in Allah needs to learn Allah’s ethics from the Quran. The Quran states that Allah will never wrong His slaves and that He is not a sadist.

d) A "sadist" is a person who gets pleasure from torturing others materially/spiritually. First of all, Allah prohibits His slaves from torturing others and He states that He never does something like that.

“Whoever works righteousness benefits his own soul; whoever works evil, it is against his own soul: nor is thy Lord ever unjust (in the least) to His Servants. (Fussilat, 41/46)

In the verse above, Allah renders injustice and oppression haram for His slaves and for Himself.

e) Sadism is a disorder; it is a psychological obsession. A creator whose spiritual beauty and perfection is witnessed by the beauty and perfection of the universe is away from such a bad trait a billion times

f) What shows the greatness of a state - in the universal sense - is the following two things:

Firstly: To protect people through compassion and mercy.

Secondly: To punish duly the evil criminals who commit crimes in order to protect the greatness, honor and dignity of the state and the peace and security of the citizens.

It is not naivety for the state to approach good people with compassion and it is not sadism for it to punish criminals.

Although Allah organized the earth in the form of a table of boons, sent the sun, moon, rain and food, and sent instant milk to babies through the breasts of mothers, made people and even all living beings help one another by placing mercy and compassion in their hearts, and showed His infinite mercy to His creatures through many similar boons, it is absolutely unjust to attribute the results of some oppression, injustice, and ruthlessness, whose wisdom we do not know and which are generally committed monstrously by human beings, to Allah.

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