Why Almighty Allah orders men to worship Him although He does not need anything and why does He severely threaten the ones who do not fulfill this duty?

One gazing at the pages of the earth and the sky comprehends clearly that there is someone who has infinite power and wealth. He meets his subtle needs in his heart while He sustains the planets in the solar system in space. He provides the sustenance of trillions of living creatures every day. He meets the needs of rain of the plants; He nourishes the fish deep in the sea.

The same strength and power brought man who did not even have a name one hundred years ago into the world of existence from nonexistence. He nurtured him in the womb for nine months and gave a suitable dress to his spirit. He met all his needs in his entire life course. He trained the sun in accordance with his eye, the foodstuffs in accordance with his stomach, and the air in accordance with his lungs.

None of these acts and these favors changes for the believers or unbelievers, for the obedient or the disobedient. The air cleans both the believers blood and the unbelievers blood through oxygen. This situation has been going on since first man was created.

The universe, responding to all needs of man, does not need anything from man in return to all of those helps it offered to him. That is, human benefits from the universe, but the universe does not benefit from him. Since this is the case, how can such a question be asked for the Creator of the universe?

Certainly, the meaning of the worship is the response of the servant through thanks and praises for the boundless favors Allah has given him by His grace and help, mercy and bounty; and it means presenting his glorification and exaltation to Him. How can it be considered that Allah needs the servants fulfilling the duty of thanks?

Moreover, worship is the servants demonstration of her needs in the Divine Court of Allah, beseeching Him through praying. Human heart and spirit gets rid of all kinds of sorrow and distress and achieves joy and gladness through this beseeching. The servant needs this, - God forbid- not Allah.

Besides, worship is an extremely essential element for humans personal perfection and virtue, spiritual comfort, subliming and satisfaction of exalted feelings, training of soul, purification of heart, improvement of ethics, harmony in the family life and constituting the secure atmosphere in the social life. You see, worship is directed to human completely. Asking Allah, the One of whom everything is in need, as Why does Allah need worship is like the asking of a beggar in front of a palace as Why does the king need my begging?

In addition to that, if Allah had not ordered human beings to worship Him, the servants would have had to give their praises and thanks to Allah for all of these favors and bounties. Tearing the veil of causes and turning towards Him, giving our gratitude only to Him and accepting Him as the only god for Allahs bestowing on us His favors by means of some causes are necessary for human beings.

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