Do statements like "Allah is the Lord of Retribution", "Allah gets angry, furious" mentioned in the Quran not form a perception in the form of personification of Allah? How is Allah’s wrath?

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Allah created qualities similar to his own attributes in human beings so that they will serve as a small criterion of understanding His attributes with infinite manifestations, and assume the duty of binoculars to look at that infinite truth. For example, this position of us enables us to look at the infinite power of Allah from our tiny window of power and His infinite knowledge from our little window of knowledge. If we did not have that particle of mercy coming from our tender heart, how would we understand Allah’s infinite mercy that encompasses the world and the hereafter?

The emotions and characteristics existing in human beings make Allah known to us with themselves or their opposites. For example, man has been given the sense of seeing and hearing; it is understood from it that Allah is the All-Seeing and the Hearer of All. However, His hearing is not like our hearing. We know with these characteristics that Allah sees and hears. However, we cannot understand the nature of this seeing and hearing; we understand only its existence.

Man gets angry when somebody does something bad to him. Allah Almighty definitely gets angry with those who rebel against him. However, it is not possible for us to know the nature of His anger.

Allah does not resemble anything in His essence and in terms of His attributes. As a matter of fact, Allah states the following in the Quran to indicate this fact:

“…There is nothing whatever like unto Him, and He is the One that hears and sees (all things)..” (ash-Shura, 42/11)

It is understood from the verse above that Allah sees and hears but His seeing and hearing are not like ours.

Similarly, Allah gets angry but it is not like ours. What realizes fury in us is a kind of nervous tension in a sense. However, we cannot know what Allah’s fury is like. Nevertheless, we have to believe in the wrath and revenge of Allah expressed in the Quran, in which we believe. We also believe that His attributes are not like ours and that they are attributes that fit his Holy being and authority of divinity.

Allah’s revenge is not like our revenge. Our revenge is a reflection of a weakness that occurs as a manifestation of hardships, torture and similar injustice suffered by a persecuted person. Allah’s revenge on those who persecute His slaves, who violate their rights by denying the witnessing of thousands of beings that witness the truth throughout the universe and the deniers who relegate them from the position of being Allah’s honorable officers to the level of worthless toys is the realization of the truth and justice.

It is possible to look at the face of the truth from the window opened like this.

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