Does a quick prostration invalidate the prayer?

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I perform prayers fast, but I also try to pray more slowly and calmly. Is my prayer invalidated if I do not straighten up properly while sitting between 2 prostrations? Is my prayer invalidated if I do not straighten up properly after bowing down in prayer? Does it require sajdah as-sahw? What should I do against waswasas (delusions) such as "Did I perform only one prostration? Did I forget to say, ‘subhana rabbiyal azim’ in ruku’?” When should we perform sajdah as-sahw? What are the things that make prayer invalid? How should a sound prayer be performed? What should be done in case of faults in prayer? If the prayer is invalidated when I perform prayers fast like prostrating quickly between 2 prostrations, saying "Samiallahu liman hamidah" quickly and prostrating after bowing but not straightening up properly, should I perform all the prayers in the past again if I performed my prayers like that?

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Dear Brother / Sister,

It is wajib to perform prayers in accordance with ta'dil al-arkan (performing the principles of rukns properly).

In order to follow ta'dil al-arkan, every part of the prayer should be performed in peace, without haste, and in a way that separates one rukn from another. For instance, after straightening up from ruku', the body has to be straight and it is necessary to stand still long enough to say "subhanallah" at least once before prostrating.

On the other hand, it is not necessary to perform prayers again if tadil al-arkan is not observed; the prayers are valid but it is a wrong deed in terms of the religion to act lazily related to ta'dil al-arkan while praying.

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