How can we beautify our prayers?

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How can we beautify our prayers?
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Beautifying prayers is possible with tadil al-arkan. The rule of complying to tadil al-arkan is made up of waiting long enough to say "Subhanallah" between rukns (Ali al Qari, Risale fi'l-has ala ta'dili arkan fis-salat, vr. 128a; Tahtawi, Hashiya ala Maraqi'l Falah, Istanbul, 1985, p 201). Accordingly, for example it is necessary to stand still long enough at least to say "subhanallah" while standing upright after returning from ruku and later on going to sajdah (prostration) and to sit between sajdahs (prostrations) long enough to say "subhanallah".

According to the narration of Abu Hurayrah (RA), one day the prophet (PBUH) entered the mosque. At that moment, a man entered the mosque and prayed. After that, he came over the Prophet and saluted him. And then, the prophet said: "Go and pray because you did not pray". (Bukhari, Ayman, 15; Tirmidhi, Salat, 110, Isti'dhan, 4; Nasai, Istiftah, 7. Tatbiq, 15, Sahw, 67; Ibn Majah, Iqama, 72). In another hadith, the prophet (PBUH) said; "Complete the ruku and sajdahs (prostrations)" (Bukhari, Ayman, 3; Muslim, Salat, III; Nasai, Tatbiq, 16,60). In another narration, he said; Perform ruqus and sajdahs properly" (Ahmad b. Hanbal Musnad, II, 234, 319, 505).

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