Does applying cream, oil and ointment harm fasting?

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- Does applying hand and face moisturizing cream or oil invalidate fasting?

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Dear Brother / Sister,

Applying cream, ointment or oil on the skin does not harm and invalidate fasting.

Oil, ointment and similar things applied on the body are absorbed through the pores on the skin and the capillaries under the skin and then mix with the blood.

However, this absorption by the skin is very little and slow.

On the other hand, this process does not mean eating and drinking.

Therefore, things such as ointments, oils, and creams applied on the skin do not invalidate fasting. (see Marghinani, Hidaya, 2/263-264; Qasani, Badai‘, 2/98; Ibn Abidin, Raddul-Muhtar, 3/366, 367)

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