Do blowing the nose loudly, coughing and swallowing your own saliva invalidate prayer?

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The following is written behind the page of a daily calendar: "Swallowing your own saliva and clearing your throat loudly invalidate prayer." Having read it, whenever I perform a prayer, it comes to my mind and my mouth becomes full of saliva; I swallow it and I feel worried that my prayer will be invalidated. In Ramadan, nice meals come to my mind and I salivate. Does this invalidate my prayer or fasting?
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Dear Brother / Sister,

Blowing the nose loudly and clearing the throat loudly without an excuse or legitimate reason invalidate prayer. However, coughing or clearing the throat involuntarily does not invalidate prayer because it is regarded an excuse.

Prayer is not invalidated if a person clears his throat loudly in order to correct his voice, to indicate that he is performing a prayer or to correct the qira'ah mistake of the imam. For, clearing the throat in that case is based on a legitimate reason. This is the sound view.

If a person swallows the saliva that accumulates in his mouth, his prayer or fasting is not invalidated.

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