Do animals and plants have spirits?

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1. If they have spirits, what are their talents like? Are they similar to those of humans? How many categories are human beings divided into? 2. Today, scientists divide living things into six categories: a. Monera b. Archaebacteria b. Protista d. Fungi e. Plants f. Animals (They include humans in the category of animals as the species of "Homosapiens"). This is the categorization of science. If we regard angels and jinn as living things, can we divide living things into more than three categories?
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As it is known, living things are divided into three categories. Plants, animals and humans. Thus, there are three levels of life here. The first one is the life of plants, the second is animals and the highest level is humans. 

In plants, instead of a spirit, there are some kinds of laws. They are laws of growth, development, differentiation, etc. The law which causes semi-living things such as plants - to develop - can be called biological spirit. They are laws of growth, development, differentiation, etc.

Actually, these laws exist in animals and humans, too. The levels of spirit in animals, that is, some feelings and perceptions they have, are at a far below level compared to humans.

Animals have a peculiar spirit, unconscious but favored with inspiration, specific to them.

On the other hand, humans have a spirit which is conscious, created by a direct order of Allah and given an external body.



It is appropriate to divide the realms of the living things, which form the subject matter of biology, into three as plants, animals and humans.

Fungi are included in the realm of plants.

If bacteria and living things with lower structures cannot be included in the realm of plants and animals, they will be regarded between these two realms.

Humans may be included in the realm of animals in terms of cell structure but they are completely different from animals in terms of spirit, consciousness and feelings. Man is the most honorable creature in terms of imagination, memory, curiosity, anxiety, reasoning, vision and meditation he has.

Jinn, angels and spirituality, who have spirits and consciousness, who are not related to the subject matter of biology, and in whose existence we believe, are included in the living things as owners of spirits.

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