Our biology teacher says that there is glycolysis cycle even in the simplest bacteria, and that the most developed species, which is human, also has this cycle and hence it is the most obvious evidence for evolution. Is this true?

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That all laws of physics, chemistry and biology function in the same way in living beings shows that their Creator is the same, not their evolution. Although every being shows the existence and oneness of their Creator, the people who do not want to accept a single Creator try to attribute everything to evolution as if looking through the other side of the binoculars.

Firstly, let us take a look at the glycolysis cycle. In the glycolysis cycle, energy is obtained by the burning of nutrients during respiration in living beings. In the meantime, carbohydrates break into pieces of oxygen and carbon dioxide. One phase of this chemical reaction is called glycolysis cycle. This respiration is common for all species, not just only for bacteria and humans. In other words, this phase of respiration is seen in both plants and animals as well as humans. The laws of respiration, digestion, excretion, development, growth, and differentiation are the same in all of them. Even the cell structures are similar to a great extent. The basic structures and functions of mitochondria, ribosomes, RNA and DNA in the cell are the same. In fact, not only living beings, but also non-living beings are made up of common 114 elements such as carbon, oxygen, hydrogen, iron and sulfur. Just as there are 26 letters in the English alphabet and all books are written with these 29 letters so too are the material structures of the beings in the universe made up of 114 elements. In other words, all beings in the universe are written with 114 letters.

The creation of all living and non-living beings from atoms to galaxies in an artistic and measured way and continuation of the life of the living beings show a Creator who has limitless knowledge, will and power.

When it is claimed that a signature or writing belongs to an individual, the first thing to do is make that individual sign and write few lines. If the writing and signature style are similar, it is decided that the alleged writing and signature belong to that individual. Thus, the existence of the same signature and similar seal in all living beings in the realm is not evidence of their evolution, but evidence that the signer and the writer of the article is the same being.

In conclusion, the fact that the same biological laws are seen in plants, animals and humans all over the world, that is, that their creation is similar, indicates that their Creator is the same, not their evolution. That all chickens, all cows, all flies, all fish, all butterflies, all roses and all people breathe the same air and are subject to the same biological laws, they show the existence and oneness of their creator just like the existence of light showing the sun.

Prof. Dr. Adem Tatlı

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