Can you give information about beginning prayer while one needs to pee?

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What if you are praying but you have to go to the toilet or you have to release gas but you hold it while you are praying, will your prayer get accepted?
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Dear Brother / Sister,

It is strictly abominable (almost forbidden) to avoid beginning prayer if one needs to urinate, defecate or fart because those cases cause the loss of concentration of mind and heart during the worship. If they happen during the prayer, one should stop worshipping. It is recommended to stop the prayer even if the prayer is performed in congregation because, it is better to miss the merit of a sunnah (deed of the Prophet (PBUH)) instead of performing the prayer in a state that liquidates the merit of the worship. However, it is acceptable in case of time shortage of the allocated period of the prayer and in case of the prayer performed at the funeral. (Ibn Abidin

Nevertheless, the prayer is valid even if it is performed under those conditions and it is not necessary to repeat the prayer.

Moreover, it is also abominable to start praying in the period of abominable time of prayer and in need of urinating. If the afternoon prayer is performed while one needs to urinate but before the abominable time of prayer, the prayer will be abominable because it will be performed when one needs to urinate. If there exists the risk of the abominable time to start if one takes wudu, then the less harmful one is preferred. What is less harmful in this case is to perform the afternoon prayer in the abominable time.  It is more abominable to pray when one needs to urinate than to pray in the abominable time of prayer.  So, one should renew his/her ablution and then pray even if he/she performs the prayer in the abominable time. A person who has to choose between the two evils, he should choose the lesser one. The rule of Majallah (Otoman Civil Code) is as follows:

It means that if someone is obliged to do one of the two evil things, then he/she must prefer the less harmful one.

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